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Facilitating ethical business.

From simple webshops to customised portals, The Other Half specialises in the technical aspects of ethical, sustainable and transparent business.


Fair compensation should be a given for all involved in the value chain, regardless of industry, location or what the status quo might be. We’re all equal, and we all deserve a fair deal. The Other Half believes in quoting reasonably, living up to commitments and playing our part with a high moral standard, because what goes around will always come around.


We all enjoy luxuries in life, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of the planet, or those who call it home. That’s why we work on projects and form collaborations with those that share the same values. Sustainability also means forming and nurturing partnerships that will have a future together; a relationship founded upon the wrong ethics is not sustainable.


A word that’s thrown around so often these days. In order to establish trust and therefore a sustainable future we should be open about where the value goes. When it comes to taking on a project, this means being open about what draws more energy or takes more time, where your strengths lie, and what can be done better by someone else.

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