The Other Half Of The Value Chain

For a long time, trading with each other and conducting business has, for the most part, been driven by money and self-interest, accruing as most wealth possible at whatever cost. This means we live in a state of constant competition, where trust is rare and we don’t pay much regard to those who contributed to our results. Increased wealth disparity, a degrading planet and diminishing values are symptoms of a problem that requires a new approach.

We were spawned by the coffee industry, a trade that’s typically infested with corruption, inequality, huge hidden mark-ups and child labour, all whilst miniscule compensation finds its way back to the farmers. We’re grateful to be part of several projects making real change here, and we want to apply the same models to other areas as well.

Thinking about The Other Half of Business

Businesses exist to make a profit, which we understand. We’re not going to change that; we need to eat as well! Starting¬†by understanding your business and how you operate, learning about your biggest challenges and most importantly your values, we will then work with you towards the¬† goal of leaving everyone better off; achieving equality, wealth and sustainability though transparency.

There are a lot of people who understand the concept of transparency and equality, but the same can’t be said for those who also have the ability to utilise their experience to integrate such concepts into a business. Think of The Other Half as the facilitator of change towards equaliy, sustainability and transparency, without sacrificing value.

Every situation is unique. We providing consulting services, collaborate on projects and are always open to discussing new ideas. Naturally, we’re busy with our own projects as well!

Check out what we’re involved in above, or take a look at our services page to learn more about where we can be of value.

Our Core Vision

Our mission is to spread our values through our work, doing what we can and helping others too. We believe in genuine partnerships, fair compensation for all and giving back to our planet. Our vision is to prove that business can be done in a better way.


We believe that fair compensation should be a given for all involved in the value chain, regardless of industry, location or what the status quo might be. We’re all equal, and we all deserve a fair deal.


We all enjoy luxuries in life, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of the planet, or those who call it home. That’s why we work on projects and form collaborations with a focus on sustainability.


A word that’s thrown around so often these days. We believe that in order to establish trust, genuine equality and a sustainable future we should be open about where the value goes.