The Other Half

Connecting the Present to the Future

We’re living in a time of change. More than ever, companies are looking at the bigger picture and showing interest in sustainability, circularity and equality. The question has shifted from the why to the how.

Adapting existing business practices

The Other Half specialises in the operational aspects of ethical, sustainable and transparent business. Our goal is to streamline the cogs of the machine and provide the support needed to ensure your business continues to thrive.

  We will assess your processes and whether they should be updated, consult with you to anticipate obstacles and facilitate education where needed within our network.

Vision and purpose

Our mission is to spread our values through our work, adding value while helping and learning from others along the way. We believe in partnership, fair compensation for all and giving back to our planet.


We believe that fair compensation should be a given for all involved in the value chain, regardless of industry, location or what the status quo might be. We’re all equal, and we all deserve a fair deal.


We all enjoy luxuries in life, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of the planet, or those who call it home. That’s why we work on projects and form collaborations with a focus on sustainability.


A word that’s thrown around so often these days. We believe that in order to establish trust, genuine equality and a sustainable future we should be open about where the value goes.