Direct-trade, sustainable coffee for your business.

The Other Half works closely with the Circular Coffee Collective, offering businesses the option to choose high quality, ethically produced, direct trade coffee. Encouraging contact with the farmers, the transparent price model also shows exactly where the money is going. A portion of the cost is also invested in improving all aspects of the plantation, ensuring both a better quality of life as well as premium coffee. Everyone wins!



The Circular Coffee Collective was founded to provide an affordable switch to premium, ethical, direct-trade coffee. You can now elect not only for sustainable coffee catered to your taste, but a full analysis and consultation regarding sustainablity. We’ll set up communication with your farmer, and a portion of your spend will go directly towards the Circular Coffee Fund, re-investing in your coffee’s origin. We’re always working together to implement additional improvements in sustainability and circular practices.

Join the Collective and help make a difference

The Circular Coffee Collective is more than a supplier of your roasted cofee beans. By signing up, you become part of a movement; you and your business are committing to a sustainable outlook which doesn’t hurt the balance sheet. We can also help with new equipment, tea and cocoa through the cooperations we’ve formed with like-minded partners.

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The Vision

“We believe in a world without waste. A circular world. A place of balance in our food systems, no material excess and of no human exclusion. We are a for-profit social enterprise that is invested in taking you on a journey on how to do this, by starting with your daily cup of coffee. We take on the entire value chain, spanning from organic waste, packaging alternatives and social exclusion. We use competitive pricing in order to reach as many businesses as possible to join us on our circular journey.”

– Maarten van Keulen, Founder

November 2019

ASN Wereldprijs finalist for sustainable ventures

Placing in the finals of this competition between the most promising sustainable start-ups of the year is no small feat!

September 2019

Guest Speaker on BNR’s “The Green Quest” Radio

CCC Founder Maarten speaks about the importance of sustainability, trust and fair trade within the coffee industry.

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