Where we re-invest funds from the sales of Manuka Essentials:

  • Hinewai Reserve -Is the block of land in the Banks Peninsula that Hugh Wilson and locals have been working diligently to return to native forest since the 1980s. Amazing video about it here.
  • Native Forest Restoration Trust – since 1980, they have been buying rural land and returning it to native forest around New Zealand.
  • Otanewainuku Kiwi Trust – this is a 1400ha block of original native forest. The founders of Manuka Essentials volunteer here looking after endangered Kiwi, and trapping introduced pests like stoats, rats, ferrets, cats, weasels and possums.
  • Million Metres Streams – as part of the NZ Sustainable Business Network, this organisation generates funding to plant native trees along riverbanks throughout New Zealand. Interesting research on the benefits of planting manuka and kanuka along streams on dairy farms to be found here.
  • Trees That Count – native tree planting platform to help people fund native trees around NZ.
  •  And, of course the Circular Coffee Fund, sending money back to the plantations of farmers and investing in furher reforestation.

Note: A full price down will be provied on an annual basis, right here.