Tailored Web Solutions

Whether it’s the portal your customers use or the way your fulfillment process operates, it can probably be optimised to increase both the productivity of your business whilst sending a strong message. We believe that a strong understanding of the values of the business is critical to providing the best customer experience.

We have constructed various custom order and inventory web portals for businesses wishing to make their clients feel like more than just a customer. Removing the corporate feel and introducing a system where the user feels like a part of the vision is key.

See below for two of the most recent examples we’ve completed.

This Side Up Coffees

This Side Up Coffees is a European based coffee importer who stands for change. The Other Half created a revolutionary portal which acts as more than just an ordering platform; it allows roasters to reserve incoming harvests, keep a track of their reservations and hold all of their necessary information in one place plus more. Click here to read more.

Circular Coffee Collective

The Circular Coffee Collective collaborates with like-minded partners to deliver circular, sustainable solutions and alternatives to the coffee corner at your office, or office at home. Offering full traceability and transparency, you can rest assured knowing that your coffee, cocoa, tea and more is being sourced 100% ethically, with no strings attached. Click here to read more.

Everything is possible

Small to big -from simple webshops integrated into your existing software, to customised portals with automated invoicing systems and dynamic stock management and COGS tracking, we can make it happen.

Are you wanting to offer your regular customers a way to purchase from your store while your physical shop is currently shut due to COVID?
We can get you up and running.

Based in Europe, we will of course make sure your site is compliant with VAT regulations and applicable privacy laws.

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